Free Consultation

Through Free Consultation, we explain & familiarize you with the Universities that we Offer, Their Advantages , Reviews from Previous batch students & Positive/Negative Feedback shall be shared with you. We empower you to a point where you have the option to select the university of your Choice. At DEC, we do not promote a particular university.

Ensuring Admission in Opted University

Its our Guarantee & you may leave to us and be rest assured about the admission of the Student in the University selected by you.

There is No additional Charges and the fees is as stated in the Fee Structure page (URL) for the 2018 - 2019 batch.

Assistance in Travel & Relocation / acclimatization help

Now we do understand you worries when it comes to relocating to a new country. Here we are to help you with all the necessary information's / assistance of whatsoever nature. From Booking your ticket on the cheapest flight to travelling insurance assist to buying sim cards on arrival at Georgia to familiarization of the area.

Getting approvals from the Government of India/other countries and in Georgian ministry of education, getting accreditation of your school certificate from Georgian government. You may rely on us for all your needs.

We find your Accommodation

We arrange your accomodation in the best location considering your convenience to go to college.

Daviti offers the best accomodation near the colleges where we arrange stay in private flats. A two bedroom flat cost USD 500 per month, in which 4 students can live comfortably. (USD 125/Student) is all it takes.

Visa Stamping & Annual Renewal

We have often hear from Parents / students that, "we didnt know what to do" and end up in paying fines for not stamping visa / renewing visa with in the allocated gratis period. Or you may have the best service during the first and then during your second year, nones there to guide you to renew your visa.

Forget it all, all you need to do is to get in touch with our Local office in Georgia with your Daviti Student ID and all assistance shall be provided by our delegates.

However the charges are your responsibility.

Guidance/ Coaching for MCI exam / USMLE

After your studies, What to do??? That's a question that every single student encounters. How to take the MCI test? Do i need to take a coaching?? Where can i have a good coaching???....

No worries, we are here to assist you with MCI Coaching / USMLE training / PG Guidance.

Daviti Offers coaching to students from 3rd year onwards. 4 hrs class of 2 days a week for 2 months from the 6th semester to your 12 th sem. You do not need to appear for any other coaching.

Visiting professors from Indian universities conduct the classes.