1. Is Georgia a safe destination to Study ?

Georgia is a safe place to live and study. The local people are very friendly in nature. Georgia is a habitat to multinational community. Crime rate in Georgia is negligible. Police patrolling is available around the clock.

2. Is Georgia a part of European union ?

Georgia is a part of European union. Jowever several sanctions are still pending and are expected to be fully secured before 2020. There are high possibility that Georgia will be integrated to European union soon and once the same is facilitated, this will provide students an opportunity to work anywhere in EU countries.

3. Are Universities recognized in other countries?

Universities that we promote are recognized by all the countries. We have used Medical council of India & WHO as bench mark for selecting the universities. Based on your nationality we will advise you the best program that suits your candidature & requirement. At DEC, We shall be assisting the enrolled students by providing the best options for perusing PG or preparing for an eligibility exam for the country you wish to work in.

All Universities that we have partnered with are approved by Medical Council of India

Ref Link: https://www.mciindia.org/ActivitiWebClient/informationdesk/forStudentstoStudyAbroad

4. Is there Ragging in Georgian Colleges / Universities?

Ragging is something you really need not have to worry at all as the University Rules & Local Regulations are so strong and such deeds are taken very seriously by the authorities. Moreover, our local staff in Georgia are available 24/7, hence, there is absolutely no reason to worry at all.

5. Is it easy to get student visa in Georgia ?

Once the admission process is completed at the university, you can apply for student visa. The visa process is hassle free. Our advisers in Georgia will guide you through the entire process and are committed to help you in case of any difficulties that would arise in procuring the VISA.

People having Residency Permits form the Gulf region are entitled to get a tourist visa on arrival.

6. How is the weather in Georgia ?

Georgia is a cold country, Temperature in summer can go up to 30 degrees and in winter can fall unto 2 degrees. However the temperature is not a concern as all the buildings and apartments are equipped with temperature heaters/ Air conditioners.

7. Are the Hostel Facilities & Food OK ?

The housing facilities at Georgia are reasonable in terms of standard and rate. Though not fancy buildings, the accommodations are fair.

Monthly expense including accommodation, Food & other expense of an average student would be around 300$-400$ not more.

Girls will have a separate arrangement for lodging where we assure their safety at all times.
There is no racism, foreigners are received very warmly & I am sure the students will have a wonderful stay out there.
If required the students may stay at our hostel facilities with appointed Chefs who make very good Indian food. Now, there is no mandatory requirement that the student needs to use Daviti’s Hostel, however it is highly recommended to stay with-in our contacts at least for the first year till they get a chance to familiarize with the culture and Local Ways.

For food though, there are many Indian restaurants hence, options are in numerous.
Halal food, nothing to worry it is easily available.

8. What are the Criteria for Admission ?

The Criteria for getting admissions is only 55% in Physics, Chemistry & Biology. The Student should have a minimum of 90 days valid residence visa of any GCC countries who are entitled to visa on arrival in Georgia.
For students from India, the procedures has to commence at least 4 months in advance.

Depending on their country of residence or nationality we might have to apply their visa in advance

9. Is the NEET required for an MBBS abroad in 2018?

Yes, NEET would be a must for all those who want to enter Medicine. In India or abroad. For studying abroad you've to get marks more than qualifying marks which were 50 percentile in the past years. So, if you think that studying abroad doesn't need any entrance exam then you're wrong . If you're writing your boards this year then do concentrate on NEET as well. If you get a good score then there wouldn't be any problem in getting an NOC i.e eligibility certificate from MCI/NMC..

10. Is Visit to Georgia easy?

If parents wish to visit the universities prior to admissions, it is very much possible, our delegates at Georgia can accompany them to these universities whenever they want. People holding residence visa from any country of the middle-east are entitled to have visa on Arrival hence, can easily come & go to Georgia for their satisfaction.

We just want to ensure that it is highly safe and we are always there to support the child.